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For the past 3 years we shot over 600'000 photographs at the exact same spot. The result is a breathtaking variety of unique images. With all these photographs we want to create a feature-length experimental film to be shown in cinemas. This film will be created, produced and directed by a worldwide community of creative people like you. Everybody is encouraged to participate!
The resulting film will be an extraordinary motion picture. Based alone on our 600'000 stills, we want to create a unique visual experience. How the film actually turns out depends on you.
So hurry up, sign up and be a part of The Big Picture Project!
Read how it works!
 Visit the mountain from our pictures
Visit The Big Picture Project at the photo14 in Zurich



Sign up for our project first. Then you are able to download a unique package of photographs from us. Each package contains around 1000 to 2000 pictures. But hurry up! The packages are set to different download limits depending on your region.
Choose a package here!

After you have downloaded a package you can make a unique and outstanding sequence for our film. Just let your creative spirit free and be sure to follow the simple guidelines and rules which you can also find in your package. But pay attention to the RUN deadline to be sure to send in your clip just in time!

Now if you are satisfied with your edited sequence, just upload it on a video platform of your choice. You can add additional details or set specific tags in the description of your video. 

This step is really simple. Just log in to our site and post your video in the upload area. Follow the steps appearing on your screen.

Here is the important part. In order to get a higher award for your sequence, you have to gain popularity and good ratings for your video. A nominated sequence gets 250US$. But if your sequence is also the best ramked, you earn 2000US$. So be sure to tell all your family and friends about your effort you put in your video and also about our project!


To get even more popularity, share your video and also those of others you like, on your Social Media. Since everybody is able to rate your video, even non registered visitors, it is your responsibility to create as much buzz as possible around your work.